How does a river flow?

What’s your life goal? – someone asked.

I said being a Doctor.

Another question: So do you work for it.

I said yes day and night.

Next was Did you sacrifice your enjoyment? I said yes, sacrificed my four years to it and still nowhere.

And then many more questions and suggestions.

Fed of such questions, i was crying and i slept. I had a dream –

Walking along the streets, i was counting my steps, 500 it was. I stopped and then i started running. Running fast i reached somewhere. It was a river bank. I smiled and sat there talking with the river about my life. The river replied. It asked me-
Have yo ever saw a River trying to move upward? Probably No.

You would have seen river flowing from mountain to valley but not upward. Because a river also wants itself to flow with the wind, with no constant direction but JUST a continuous flow. It finds always a stable continuous path and if couldn’t it changes its course. It flows along the flow with no intense disturbances. Because if once the turbulence occur it floods out its water. It burst out.

Same is a the human mind. It tries to reach towards its goal, many times it couldnot because its not that you are weak, but because its not your flow. You have to change your course and move in a direction which is a continuous flow and this flow will ensure your energy.


I’m ready to face you “life”

Should i regret for all the things that had happened in my past.?


Or should i cry..?? Should i move on by carrying all the grudges.?? Should i live.? Or should i die.??

Confused..?? Lost..?? 

This is what i call learning part of life.The best things you could learn  from life.The part where you can overcome all your deep fears,emotions, hidden lies you told to yourself. Let me tell you life won’t give you back the same stage again. Be lucky enough to learn from it, earn from it. Rather then complaining why this happens to me only..?? 

Rather than Cursuing life of all the tough part, thank it for giving a part where you can remould yourself into a strong beautiful women in your own way. 

Make your  target smoother or clear rather than crying for smoothless roads.

Thats all i wanna say.

THank you for reading.I would be grateful- in knowing your views.


Survival (#MyFirstPost)

​Sometimes you fall in love with people, places and other objects of life without seeing the caste credit colour of it.
You know ” the end is difficult” but you
accept the challenge

it or
ruin it.!

Your choice..!!
You know maybe the result would be devastating but still you move ahead.
fighting against society, thoughts rebelling inside, and sometimes fighting for nothing..
A pure moment of dis-satisfaction, misleads, anxiety, failures and still you try hard and hard.. with one single aim.. “Reaching the objective”

colliding against all the doors of life“.
 “beaten up 100 times“.
Screwed up million times
still with 100% you move on..

 thats what life is all about..

At the end you think you have reached  the PALACE OF YOUR DREAMS.
running in its CORRIDOR.
you tried to GRAB .


 you realized it was a mere illusion tharashing your soul mind body…

Thats what life is..
and thats what you have to learn from it.

No matter how many illusions you see, and even if you go behind the illusions and return back with open hands it dosen’t means you lost again.. it means you have crossed another level of a challenge…
A Fruitful Result is waiting on your way… move ahead .. may be you will make another history of challenges.. who knows..???

All the best.
I don’t know much how to expand my views. But i want your support for further posts. Let me know you all and your views through comments. So that i could follow you.

Thank you for reading..!